Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hippo... hippo... hippo... oooooh

My husband is adorable, and he occasionally executes meticulously calculated 'make wife happy' operations. In an example of just such an operation, on Christmas morning I opened my gift from him to discover a pair of awesomely awesome sterling Boynton hippo earrings. Did you know that I completely love hippopotamuses? Shut up, they had me at hello.

Now, loving them as I do, I am compelled to purchase any hippo plushies (or piggy banks, wall art, mirrors, figurines, ahem) I happen to encounter. Kind of like how Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory (a craptastical crapfest of a movie) is compelled to buy every single copy of Catcher in the Rye he finds? Like that, except with less paranoia and less of the crazy eye and yet at the same time, just a smidgen more of the sugar tits. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about hippos that makes me ridiculously hap-hap-happy.

Of all the hippopotamuses in all the land, my very very favorite are from the Boynton cartoons (caricatures?). When my children were toddlers, board books such as _But Not The Hippopotamus_ and _Hippos Go Berserk!_ were big hits, and reading them aloud over and over (and over again) probably sparked the beginning of my hippo adoration.

Also, um, in going to fetch the Boynton site link just now? I have discovered that there is omg a Boynton plush Hippo, which immediately upon viewing I decided I absolutely must have or I will die. DIE.

I digress.

My husband. I love him. In short, hippos rule.