Monday, January 1, 2007

Five years ago

I wrote this list of 100 things five years ago. I thought it might be interesting to cross out the items that no longer apply:

1. My father and the doctor were reading Playboy while my mother was giving birth to me
2. I very nearly did not survive my infancy, I was born with a rare blood disorder.
3. As a child I tested as having an obscenely high IQ.
4. I had braces.
5. I'm a slob.
6. I'd rather play Tetris or Solitaire than, say, Quake.
7. There is a bot in Quake 3: Arena named after me.
8. I met my husband in a game of shareware Quake. He impressed me with the size of his shotgun. Ex husband.
9. I am 8 years younger than he is.
10. I can roll my tongue, fold it, and tie a cherry stem in a knot with it.
11. I get carsick in the back seat.
12. My first child was a surprise. I was on the pill.
13. My second child was carefully planned.
14. I used the Shettles method to choose the sex of my baby.
15. I won a playground breakdancing contest in 4th grade.
16. I cheated on a math test that same year and didn't get in trouble because my teacher was a childhood friend of my uncle's.
17. I experimented with recreational drugs as a young adult and hated every single experience.
18. I almost married someone else.
19. I fell in love with him in a tent in the wilderness over a bottle of Jack Daniels.
20. He was dating my girlfriend at the time.
21. I've practiced Catholicism, Christianity, Wicca, Paganism.
22. I finally settled happily into Unitarian Universalism.
23. I am bitchy.
24. I love to cook, but I make a huge mess doing so.
25. I'm a rotten housekeeper.
26. I can't decide if I want to have another baby.
27. If I get pregnant again someday we are having a homebirth.
28. I refuse to negotiate on that subject.
29. I loathe conflict, but I fight like a dog.
30. I miss living in Oregon.
31. I was more or less living alone at 16.
32. I was supporting myself at 17.
33. I worked at Subway to do so and can barely stand to eat there now.
34. I am double jointed.
35. I crack my knuckles.
36. I secretly long for a nose job.
37. I skipped my high school graduation ceremony.
38. I went to California instead.
39. I boycott Nestle.
40. I could survive entirely on Papa John's pizza.
41. I am strongly drawn to space.
42. Astronomy Picture of the Day is one of my favorite websites.
43. Inside I feel like I'm still about 12 years old.
44. I'm breastfeeding as I type this.
45. I love being creative.
46. I bake really good bread.
47. My hair is turning gray.
48. I don't mind, and actually think it is kind of cool.
49. I stopped shaving.
50. I used to shave my arms.
51. I wear CoCo by Chanel.
52. As a teenager I had a major fixation on Marilyn Monroe.
53. I read Gone With the Wind in one single day.
54. Sometimes I wonder if I'm mentally ill.
55. I chose my internet nickname out of a dictionary, and replaced the "i" with a "y".
56. I was called "Bug" by everyone until I was a teenager.
57. Some people still call me "Bug".
58. I used to be late to grade school because I would stop and rescue caterpillars from the road.
59. I developed a very intricate story in my mind and still think about it and expand it occasionally.
60. I love animals, if someone else takes care of them.
61. I performed in a handful of stage plays, but always had smaller rolls while understudying the big ones.
62. I'm a shameless flirt.
63. I develop crushes whenever the wind changes.
64. I'm going to get a tattoo this summer. Did it in January.
65. On the back of my neck. Yep.
66. I'll ask Paul Steed to design it, if I can track him down.
67. I adore Stephen King.
68. I want a minivan.
69. I co-sleep with my kids.
70. My husband sleeps on a futon.
71. It works out fine for us.
72. I am terrified of spiders.
73. I have really really accurate gaydar.
74. Huey Lewis kissed me on the cheek.
75. I asked Jerry Garcia if he had a baby in his tummy.
76. I'm mildly psychic.
77. I have boundless knowledge of trivial things.
78. I can't remember important tasks or dates without writing them down.
79. I paint my toenails. Usually purple or blue, right now they are blood red.
80. I can't sing.
81. I do it anyway.
82. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
83. I hate being predictable.
84. I lost my virginity at 15.
85. Homecoming night.
86. I like to wear toe rings.
87. I have terrible self-esteem.
88. My favorite meal is spinach quiche and pulpy orange juice.
89. I am a homebody at heart.
90. I love the way my babies' breath smells in the morning.
91. I'm late getting the kids and myself ready for school/work because of this list
92. I have a major dental phobia.
93. What I really want to do is direct.
94. Rufus Wainwright makes me swoon.
95. I'm always really attracted to gay men.
96. I once stood on a table and sang "I'm a little Teapot".
97. Drunk.
98. Topless.
99. Someday I'm going to write a book.
100. Cinnamon Altoids are my favorite food.