Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh you know I did it / It's over and I feel fine

As of 11am yesterday, we are homeowners.

When Tim and I arrived (early) at the lawyer's office for the closing, we found our agent standing outside talking to the listing agent. The first words out of my mouth were "Good morning. I think I may vomit.". The listing agent, having completed all of the paperwork on behalf of his clients (who are in Ohio), spoke with us for a few minutes and then left when we went inside.

I signed or initialed something like sixty pieces of paper, and when we were all done and the lawyer asked "so, is there anything else?"... I was like "er, so who has the house key?"

Everybody looked around the table at each other, realization dawning: Nobody had the key; the listing agent left with it.

So for about three hours yesterday I owned a house I couldn't get into. Tim had a fantastic time with that one, I tell you what.