Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Colloquial C

I've often said that I'm going to record the words that my dear friend C makes up, but I never get around to it. By the time I remember, I've forgotten the word. Oy.

Anyway, C has a penchant for making up new words. He doesn't do it on purpose, and isn't all that fond of doing so, but I totally love it. His word creation isn't a function of poor vocabulary by any means, and it isn't a matter of inattention. It's just a completely spontaneous tongue-tie that results in nothing short of awesomeness.

Yesterday he managed to create a word that was a combination of two words and yet at the same time, a perfect descriptor of both those words AND the word he created.

C was commenting on something I'd just said to him and what came out was this:
"Well, he said the same thing you did, although he wasn't as consinct."

Consinct! Both concise and succinct, and I very nearly died on the spot.