Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Less than a month ago, I brought a pair of knitting needles and white yarn with me to Luau, since Ginny had agreed to teach me the basics. As luck would have it, Mandy's charming new girlfriend was with her, knittery in tow. We all gathered round as I learned the basic cast-on and knit stitch.

Then I bought a book, and whipped up a few scarves while the children were away. When they returned for Christmas, they had Tamagotchi toys from their father, and difficulty keeping track of 'em.

Enter: The Tamagotchi Cozy!

It began as a sort of protective case for Meredith's Tamagotchi, Bob, after a minor injury; a red jobby with a white heart on the front, and a long strap with which to wear it around one's neck. Then, of course, one had to be made for CJ. That one was more involved, with a skull and crossbones motif, and was knit during the worst most boringest stupidest movie ever.

They wore their Tamagotchi Cozies to school. They came home that day with requests from two of their friends. Then another day, another request. To date, I think I've knitted a total of six Tamagotchi cozies in two weeks. As I dropped the children off at school this morning, I saw a little boy leap out of a truck to join CJ on the walk into school.

Around his neck swung one of my cozies.

I'm such a cool mom. Or, you know, a gigantic pushover.