Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If You Call a Man a Yankee, You'd Best Know What it Means

With the transition to middle school, CJ began to ride the bus to school. He meets up with his frienemy Grant, there, and they end up engaging in the occasional scuffle. Last week, CJ greeted Grant with "Whatup, my yankee?" - not really understanding that "yankee", to southerners, isn't considered the kindest term.

Sidebar: I later informed CJ that he's half yankee, anyway, on my side. :)

So words were had, threats issued (for context, each child must wear a photo ID lanyard; CJ, having made the honor roll, has a "gold card" stuck in his ID sleeve which entitles him to things like early dismissal to lunch and recess), and when all was said and done, Grant ended up suspended from the bus and from school for two days.

Upon Grant's return, CJ received a letter of apology:

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