Friday, March 26, 2010

Alton Smoothies (Not Smoothies Made of Alton)

I haven't seen Alton Brown's "Live and Let Diet" episode yet, but everywhere I look people are talking about his Buff Smoothie. I've been pondering my own struggles with breakfast and vegetation lately, and while there are many things with which I struggle, today I address just those two:

Breakfast and vegetation. I don't like 'em.

Which is to say: I need to be awake for at least an hour before food sounds even remotely appealing (all I want to do is drink coffee for two hours, and then go to work), and if it grows out of the ground I don't really want to eat it. There are a variety of problems caused by these dislikes; one of which is evident to everyone around me if I don't eat for awhile: I become what one might call... "difficult". Yeah, we'll go with "difficult".

So recently when Jim mentioned buying a huge bag of frozen fruit and Ferrett leapt on the Buff Smoothie Wagon, I was reminded that I've been meaning to try smoothie-making. I've been using AB's recipe as a guideline, but I add in whatever I have on hand... What follows is the story of smoothie today, which is different than what will be smoothie tomorrow.

Smoothie Ingredients
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Here we have some vanilla protein powder (there was one scoop left, 23g protein), vanilla soy milk (I'm going to try a nut milk next, I can probably find almond at Publix), V8 V-Fusion, frozen fruit, and just look at this awesome banana. I've done wrong here, for the sake of the photo: Usually the liquid goes in before the frozen fruit. Yeah, I do have a little guilt.

Frozen Fruit
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I'm pretty sure there's some pineapple hiding in there, under the peaches, strawberries, and blueberries. Maybe some mango? I don't know: I started with a bag of frozen Dole mixed fruits, and I've added to it, so I'm not sure what's actually there, or not. One thing I am sure of, though, my god y'all the drama when I tried adding blackberries. Never again!

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There's 1 cup of each soymilk and juice. And then the frozen fruit, and protein powder. Banana lies in wait until the rest is mostly blended before getting dropped in. I follow AB's instructions, blending on a lower speed until the vortex appears, and then really sticking the power to it thereafter.

And then? Smoothies!
Decanted Smoothies
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There's a Tim serving, a me serving, and a Mer serving. CJ actually laughed in my face at the idea that he will ever "in a million years" drink a fruit smoothie of any sort. Oh yeah? Game on, little man!