Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Glee Closet

If you know me, you know I love Glee.

It isn't a secret: I force Tim to watch it with me (he's in the same room while it's on, anyway), I own Season 1 volume 1 on DVD (holla, Renee!), CJ now knows almost all the words to Defying Gravity - not because of the award-winning Broadway musical Wicked, oh no, but because it was performed on Glee, and I bought both volumes of the soundtrack.

It's the soundtrack that brings us here to this blog, today. See, I went out to lunch with my dudes, and we went to the Blue Cactus Cafe (holla, again, Renee!), where I had my usual: Be Bim Bob (why do I always say Bop?), double egg, 2 scoops of spicy bean paste, and sweet tea. The thing is, I drove. I always drive because I have the sweet parking spot, and you can probably deduce that I drove mine very own car. In said car is a stereo with a cd player, and in said cd player is a cd. Two guesses which one it is.

Right: One of the Glee soundtracks. Which I love, love, love. I drove to work this morning belting along at the top of my lungs for the entire commute (it really helps alleviate my otherwise foul mood lately, to sing along with Glee)... and yet, with my dudes in the car?

I didn't even turn the stereo on. I was... embarrassed! I'm in the Glee closet, and did not even realize it.