Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Condensation Sleeve

It's officially summer even though it's not officially summer, because it's stupid hot outside, the a/c struggles to keep up, and both kids are happily going about their summer camp experiences.

Sidebar: Big thank yous to everyone who offered suggestions about what to pack for lunch in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, and LiveJournal, and wherever else that post propagated. So far (day two, heh) so good.

The challenges of packing for a full day of feeding a hollow-legged preteen are numerous. Not just what sorts of food, but but the right way to transport and store it, as well as how to keep it fresh and edible in a non-climate-controlled environment. We bought an insulated lunch container, and then set about tackling the problem of keeping the contents of said container cool.

Rather than purchase those freezer gel thingies (because they kind of freak me out), I thought: Why not just refill a drinking water bottle, and freeze it?

The only reason I could think up was condensation - as the ice in the bottle melts (Tim pointed out that the gel thingamabobs would do the same thing, anyway, so why bother buying them?) , the condensation on the outside would get the food items wet. Ew.

Not a big deal, in the grand scheme of things, I know, but why endure a tiny problem that could be solved via knitting?! :D

Condensation Sleeve

First, we're going to knit the base of the sleeve, starting from the center and increasing out until the area is large enough to cover the bottom of a 16oz water bottle.

R1: Cast on 7 stitches, divide across two needles
R2: Join, place marker between stitches 1 and 2 to help keep track, knit one round.
R3: Increase every stitch (14 stitches)
R4: Knit
R5: Distribute 4 increase stitches (18 stitches) across round (approx. every 3rd stitch)
R6: Knit
R7: Distribute 6 increase stitches (24 stitches) across round (approx. every 3rd stitch)
R8: Knit
R9: Distribute 8 increase stitches (32 stitches) across round (approx. every 3rd stitch)
R10: Knit
R11: Distribute 10 increase stitches (42 stitches) across round (approx. every 3rd stitch)
R12: Knit
Here's what the base looks like at this point:

Condensation Sleeve: Base
Any photo can be clicked to embiggen

Now we'll start working on the body of the sleeve with Round 13:

R13: K3, P3

At this point, repeat Round 13 until the sleeve is long enough to accommodate your bottle of ice. Bind off, and don't bother blocking!

Here's the finished product:

Condensation Sleeve: Lonely Condensation Sleeve: Action Shot

Here's the happy camper with his new mohawk, showing Condensation Sleeve enthusiasm:

Thumbs up for Condensation Sleeve Fistpump: Condensation Sleeve Edition