Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lunch and Two Snacks?

I need ideas.

One of my children will be attending a fantastic day camp this summer - the director assured me that the children always go home "tired and dirty at the end of each day". Which: PERFECT.

This camp, however, does not feed kids. There is no cafeteria. They require that each camper pack a lunch and two snacks every single day. So, basically, any food that the kids eat has to be prepared and sent from home. For 8 weeks.

Help. Oh, help.

I purchased one of those many-compartmented lunch cooler thing doohickey-mabobbers yesterday, so we have the containment unit handled. I will soon be purchasing some of those cold-brick things to include.

But what to pack? Please (oh please!) share some of your household's lunch-packing standards in the comments. Thank you!