Monday, September 26, 2011

$3.94 Owl Earrings

Lately, I love owls. Not somber owls. Not stern owls. Not judgmental owls.

Goofy, wide-eyed, cartoony owls.

Last week when I went to the Hobby Lobby to purchase Mod Podge and glitter so that I could tart up an old pair of flats, I spent some time browsing the jewelry aisles. Because that's what you do when you're at the Hobby Lobby for Mode Podge and glitter. I also spent time in the yarn section, the basket section and... oh, hell, all of the sections.

Any-hoot. I made some earrings, for $3.94:


Owl Charms, 2 per package, $1.47
Twist Loop Earwires, 2 per package, $2.47
Jump Rings (already owned)


I love them! I love them even more considering I almost bought the exact same owls - with less cool earwires - on Amazon for $9.99 (regularly priced at $25.99).