Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adluh Flour Explores Social Media

"Beth Ellis, controller for Allen Brothers Milling/Adluh Flour, says the family-owned company has always kept up with the changing world. Some of its early advertising centered around the Adluh Knocking Man. “We had a truck that went around town in local neighborhoods,” Ellis says. “Our customers were all home consumers. We would have people drive around and knock on the door.” If the homeowner could show the Knocking Man a bag of Adluh flour – Ellis says it was akin to a “like” on Facebook, in today’s terms – she was rewarded with a cash prize."
Gosh, that all sounds so familiar. Oh! Wait! That's because I'm quoted in this article, available on newsstands now, in the April 2012 edition of Columbia Business Monthly. :D

Adluh Flour is truly a beloved fixture and a landmark in my adopted hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, and I'm so pleased to for GraySail to be working with them. Talking with people, connecting, and exchanging information... well, it's just an awesome thing to do for a living, and I love doing it.

Huge thanks to writer Chris Worthy for taking the time to speak with me, and with Beth, and ultimately for turning out such a great article: Adluh Flour Explores Social Media.