Friday, December 7, 2012

A Good Day

Today? Today was a good day.*

Today is the day CJ made the honor roll in high school for the first time! I am so happy for him; so proud of him. He has absolutely blossomed this year, and it fills me with those bittersweet 'my baby is growing up' feelings.

Today I had lunch with the lovely and talented Eme of the incredible TellThem!, she claimed to find me interesting AND funny, but the joke's on her, because she's the one with all the interesting and all the funny!

Today one of my brothers, Robb, posted a photo of Trina, the Project Manager at DeliverGood, offering to give her paid time off in exchange for likes. The largest potential prize is every Friday off - forever - AND no expiration date for collecting the likes! What a nice guy. What a fun idea! There's so much joy in what he does, and it's contagious (update: less than a day and already more than a thousand likes!) Not too shabby! Please consider furthering the #FreeTrina cause by clicking 'like' on this photo, eh?
(Look, it's Canada, okeh? I can't help it, eh?)

Today I did stuff, I thought things, I had ideas, I helped people get closer to their goals, and it was a good, productive workday. A fun workday. I counted my blessings to be surrounded by such good people.

Today I reached 700 followers for my public account on twitter (@tryjen). These 700 people include my entire immediate family (even my dog!), my extended family, friends, my work accounts, and then somewhere around 650 people who obviously recognize schadenfreude when they see it.

Today I arrived home from work to find four great things: 1)Tim cleaned the house! 2)He set up our christmas tree! 3)A package arrived from Joe! 4)Meredith's finger didn't fall off - I checked and everything!

Today I wrapped it all up with a celebratory bulgogi trip to The Blue Cactus for Mr. Honor Roll and his friend Victoria, and neither teenager seemed even the tiniest bit horrified. I'm shocked. Awed, even. They didn't even try to sit at a table other than the one where I sat. Internets, I daresay they even enjoyed my company! I don't think CJ was even a little embarrassed to hang out with his mom and his friend at the same time, and that... well, that feels like a pretty epic mom win.

* I didn't even have to use my AK.