Monday, September 2, 2013

Pumpkin Living

On Sunday September 1, 2013, (which is, as I write this, just barely yesterday) this happened:

Which is pretty awesome, right? Here's what makes it especially awesome: Erin Shaw Street (awesome!), editor of the Southern Living (awesome!) blog The Daily South (awesome!), took notice of and wrote about my PumpkinSpiceWatch blog. She called me a "keen trend spotter," you guys. Me.

She mentions my "pumpkin spice army" (!) which, and I've given this a lot of thought (not really), is basically one-and-one-half awesomes better than having my own Kiss Army. It would have been two more awesomes, but in the interest of fairness I docked myself one quarter of one awesome for not (yet) producing a comic book which has had my own blood added to the ink (and/or the blood of an innocent pumpkin), and then I subtracted yet another (I'm a giver y'all) quarter awesome for not (yet) reaching an endorsement deal with Gene Simmons (...yet?)

This has been a lot of fun. My mom and dad are proud of me, and my pumpkin blog slash convenient excuse to buy all the pumpkin things is now feeling so much enabler love! As Erin namechecks in her post, my super ultra mega ├╝ber favorite seasonal pumpkin product, Cromer's Autumn Spice Caramel Corn, won't be available until mid-month. When it is, rest assured: I might tell you. Because mine. MINE!

Erin, if you'll email me an address, I'll send you a bag.