Thursday, January 30, 2014


A year and a half ago, someone I love very much committed suicide. Years of untreated depression and alcoholism culminated in the loss of an incredible person who absolutely did not have to die. I can't go back and undo the terrible loss for a family and a worldwide community of friends and loved ones, but I can and will make a difference for the people in my own community who depend on services like those offered by NAMI Mid-Carolina.

Cocky Walks The 2013 NAMIWalk
Cocky cheering for the 2013 NAMIWalk
I live with depression and anxiety. I LOVE people with depression, anxiety, OCD, addictions, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and more. 1 in 4 Americans are living with mental illness - which means chances are, so do you... either yourself, or someone you love.

We're not in this alone, and funding the mental health services in our Midlands community can help ensure that nobody who needs help has to feel alone or go untreated.

Every dollar helps. Every step counts. All we need to do is TRY. I'l be using the hashtag #Try40 for my walk, as I try to make it the entire 5k at age 40. :)

Yes, that's right, I'm about to turn 40. If you are inclined to give me a gift, please consider making a donation to sponsor my first EVER 5k (at age 40!) instead. You can also sign up to join Team TryJen, and come out and walk with me at the last public event at the old Bull Street "Asylum" before it is demolished and new construction begins.

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THANK you.