Monday, August 4, 2014

CGG August: Write Your Face Off #4: PHOTO POST

I'm going to work at participating in the writing challenge issued by my ginger spirit boob animal guide Brittany Herself. You can find the entire list of August writing prompts at her blog if you want to peek ahead at what I'm up to, or just, you know, stay tuned.

August 4, 2014 Prompt: PHOTO POST: Red lipstick, skinny jeans, tall boots… take a photo and tell me about one item you’ve been afraid to rock… until now!

There's not much I won't rock, but I've never been a hat person. I have an oddly shaped head, with it being mostly flat in the back, and it's all rather large, as I come from a rather long line of pumpkinheads. 

Alas, a couple of swim meets in billion degree weather will have one bringing their own shade however possible.